8 Tips on Getting Currency for a Trip Abroad ...


One of the things many of us think about when traveling is where is the best place to exchange our money before we go, or even, is it necessary? There are many options available to us, but some of course come at a higher price than others. It can be a confusing exercise but hopefully these 8 tips on getting currency for a trip abroad will help you make the most from the options available.

1. Use Your ATM Card when Overseas

Make sure that you check with your bank before you go that you can do this and tell them where youโ€™re going and the dates. Some banks have good anti-fraud measures and will automatically put a stop on a card if they see itโ€™s issued to you in say California, but itโ€™s being used in France for example. Get their overseas telephone number just in case you need to call them too. The downside is that you may pay a higher ATM fee to do this, but it means you donโ€™t have to think about getting the currency before you go (see point 2 below). You can also take as little or as much as you want from the ATM โ€“ just check withdrawal limits with your bank too before you go.

Be Careful Where You Use Your ATM Card Overseas
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