7 Tips for Using Social Media to Share Vacation Photos ...


It is easy to share photos with friends, family and other avid travelers with social media. Whilst taking photos on vacation is part of the fun of the trip and provides you with lots of memories, until sharing them was never easy; especially if you wanted long distance friends and family to take a peek at the wonderful places you went and the brilliant sights you saw. Until now! Social media has made it exceedingly simple to share photos not only with your immediate circle but with the world. These 7 Tips for Using Social Media to Share Vacation Photos will help wow everyone with some snaps from your trips and adventures.

1. Don’t Share Them All

When deciding to share photos on social media, the number one rule is to never share all of them. People have no interest in going through thousands of photographs where most of them are just utilising a slightly different camera angle. Go through your photographs and choose the best ones to use. The reason you used multiple camera angles was to give you more of a choice whilst deciding on the best photos after your vacation.

Photo Editing
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