8 Tips for Planning a Road Trip to Remember ...


If you are thinking of taking to the open road in a car or motor home, then you will need some tips for planning a road trip. There are a lot of factors to consider if you want your trip to be a success. You can't just pack your things into the trunk and head off! Planning really is important if you want your trip to work out happily. It's good to have some flexibility and willingness to go with the flow, but you also need to be prepared and organised. Whether you are moving from one state to another, following Route 66, or exploring the wilds of Canada, it's essential to be well prepared. So here are just some of the most useful tips for planning a road trip … Have you got the travel bug yet?

1. Vehicle Maintenance

One of the most important practical tips for planning a road trip is that you should acquire some basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance before you leave. Check out your local community college, which may offer courses in car maintenance for women, or ask a knowledgeable friend or relative to teach you. When you're doing a lot of mileage, your vehicle will need regular checks, and you should know how to carry out basic procedures such as topping up the oil and water, and how to change a tyre. This could save you from breaking down in remote areas where help is a long way off. It's also vital to belong to a vehicle recovery organisation, so that you can get assistance if your vehicle experiences a fault that you can't fix.

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