7 Tips for Moving to NYC ...


So you've read my article "7 Tips for NYC Apartment Hunting ..." and you've finally found your perfect NYC place! Now it's time to move in and you're looking for even more tips to help ease the stressful process. Well have no fear because someone who has moved around NYC 4 times is here to help! Here are my 7 Tips For Moving To NYC that will help get you started because moving on its own is stressful, but moving to a big city is even more stressful and challenging!

1. Pack Light

One of my main tips for moving to NYC is to be prepared to live in a much smaller space than you're used to! We're talking about a city where some apartments have showers in the kitchen! Space is a precious thing in New York, which means you will be paying considerably more rent for considerably less space, especially in Manhattan. Thus, it is likely that you won't be able to fit all of your things into your new apartment. So, a move to New York City is a great excuse to go through all of your belongings and donate, sell, or give away things you don't really need! The less you have to bring, the more space you will have to inhabit your new apartment!

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