8 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe when Traveling ...


8 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe when Traveling ...
8 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe when Traveling ...

Knowing how to keep travel money safe is one of the important factors of a good vacation. Even if you have a service that replaces lost cash, checks and credit cards within 24 hours, losing them or having them stolen can cast pallor over any trip. Sometimes it isn’t even a case of your money being stolen – a foreign ATM may eat your cash card so knowing how to keep travel money safe should factor in any eventuality. Check out these 8 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe When Traveling

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Cash and Carry

One of the simplest ways to keep travel money safe and to avoid an emergency is to keep your cash, checks and cards separate. Don’t keep them all in the same wallet. If you’re traveling with you partner, split it between you. The hotel main safe is usually a better option than room safes for excess cash/checks but that isn’t always an option. If you’re going to leave stuff in the room security box – make sure it is secure.



Some areas of Africa and Asia are yet to invest in ATMs and there is no alternative to cash. Potential robbers know this too so watch out! If you can purchase any traveling clothes with hidden pockets then this can make a great way to look after holiday money.


Emergency Services

To keep travel money safe you have to prepare for a worst-case scenario. If your card is stolen and you suspect that someone may have access to your money then you need to cancel the card and report it to the police immediately. Keep the country’s police phone number and your bank’s phone number on you at all times to keep your travel money safe.


Check in

With the amount of credit card fraud these days, it’s only natural that banks are more cautious than ever. If you are intending on using your credit card abroad then your bank will want you to keep your travel money safe too. Keep travel money safe at all times by informing your bank where you’re going so they don’t inadvertently cancel your card while you are abroad.


Check Your Checks

It’s a good idea to keep travel money safe by using traveler’s checks. The problem with these checks are that some places refuse to accept them so check before you travel. It is not enough to look on the country’s site for information – check out the destination thoroughly.


Prepaid Cards

A credit card is the safest option for travel money. Again, check that your card is universally accepted. One of the most recent developments in the card arena is internationally accepted prepaid cards. Load it up before you go with the amount you want. In the event of the card being stolen, the thieves will be limited to the amount on the card unlike the limit you may have on other credit cards. If you choose a card that you can load up online and there’s WiFi and Internet in your hotel you need only carry around the amount you need for a day or two.


Exchange Rates

Ways to keep travel money safe is also about making the most of your currency’s value. Watch out for over the top charges when exchanging currency and travel checks – check exchange rates before your departure so you at least have some idea you aren’t being ripped off. Also, it’s a good idea to know what the bank charges and exchange rates are for ATM withdrawals abroad. These can turn out to be rather shocking.


Wire Emergency

If all is lost and you haven’t managed to keep your travel money safe then you can always request that someone wire you the cash from home. There are a number of companies which offer this service, but you should be aware that there is a premium on this, so avoid it if you can.

These tips for keeping your money safe while traveling will help you look after your holiday cash. Remember that it’s important to always prepare for an emergency so you can spring into action should you need to cancel your card or request a wire transfer at any time. Take all the emergency numbers with you and carry them away from your travel money. Don’t wait to get back to your hotel to report your cards or checks have been stolen. Reporting the theft immediately cuts down the time the thief has to profit. To keep travel money safe you always have to be on your guard!

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