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I’ve always thought it must be a fun job to be a tour guide. Taking groups of people around anything from a museum to a whole country is a great way to interact with people, learn new stuff and experience new things. Have you ever wondered how to be a tour guide? You are not going to become a tour guide stuck in your office looking at the dull grey walls and dreaming of far off places. If it is your passion, here are 7 Tips for How to Become a Tour Guide.

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Get Motivated

Decide what kind of tours you would like to do. Are you interested in wildlife, wine, sports, history or the outdoors? Think about the countries you would like to see. Are you into movies, endangered animals, art history, castles, marine life or agriculture? Consider all of your options and start building a plan to become a tour guide.


Explore Educational Options

Is there a chance that you will be able to get the proper certification to become a tour guide? Look up on the internet all of the certified schools that run courses for people wanting to become a tour guide. Although it is not a pre requisite in actually being a tour guide, it will stand you in good stead when you apply for tour guide jobs.


Be a Good Student

When you enroll in educational classes it is important to be a diligent student and pass each and every single module at the school you signed up at. Many of the tour operating companies require their staff to take further education classes every year, to stay current or to help learn an extra language.


Pick Your Team

There is no point in having a dream of working as a tour guide, and then not being able to work for the company you really wanted to. Make sure that you apply for the companies you want to be associated with and would be proud to work for. Don’t apply with a company that only does wild life tours if you are into history, it will defeat the purpose.


Prepare for an Interview

Some of the biggest aspects tour operators are looking for in tour guides is their excellent people skills, confidence and pleasant demeanor. When you sign up at a tour guide school, you will have the opportunity to do a few mock interviews. Use the time well, learn about your pitfalls and make a ravishing first impression on the day.


Research Your Area

Do you want to work in a region you are not familiar with? Do as much research and homework that you can, learn the history, get to know the landmarks, understand the culture and make yourself familiar with as much as possible about the area. When you then apply for your dream job as a tour guide, you can impress with your knowledge.


Be Realistic

If you are not a people person, can’t handle talking in public and lack confidence, then it’s time to be realistic about your chances to become a tour guide. Know your limits on your personality and understand that if you are not very outgoing and a huge extrovert that this is a job you will struggle at.

Being a tour guide can be a very fulfilling job to do. Interacting with different people, never having to go to a stuffy office every day are just some of the exciting perks. If you were to become a tour guide, what place would you choose?

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