7 Tips for Avoiding Arguments when Going on Vacation ...

You might think that because this year you’ve prepared your getaway to the smallest details, you’ll have an incredible time — but even so, things still might be unpredictable sometimes, so that’s why I thought you'd find useful my tips for avoiding arguments, especially when going on vacation. The more time you spend with someone, the more you both will be more stressed and sometimes you could even feel smothered by the others. In order for this not to happen, here are a few tips for avoiding arguments that I am more than happy to share with you.

1. Plan Your Activities

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Whenever you’re going on vacation, especially when you’re traveling with a group of friends, try to plan your activities before leaving. This is one of the easiest tips for avoiding arguments I could give you. Even though you’re going to a beach resort there are sure some things there to be visited, so do some research, find out what are the most interesting tourist attractions of that area and establish along with your friends, before leaving home what will you be doing or seeing when you’ll get there.

2. Do Some Things Separately

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It’s true that as a group on vacation, you’ll be tempted to do everything together, but you must keep in mind that being all the time with someone you used to spend only a few hours a day could be irritating, so that’s why you should think doing some things (no matter how small) separately. Some time apart from each other will only do you good. I’m talking only about few hours so I’m sure your friends will agree with that.

3. Win-Win Compromises

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The best way to avoid an argument is to always try to solve problems by making a win-win compromise. Maybe you will not find the best solution for both of you right away but with patience, tact and respect you’ll surely get there. By making one of this type of compromises both of you will be pleased and you won’t have any reasons to be upset later. Try to think what’s best for both of you and try to find ways to obtain it!

4. Count Till 50 before Starting an Argument

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It’s so easy to hurt someone when you’re having an argument! And, most times, you don’t even mean the words you say but when you realize this, it’s already too late. So, whenever you find yourself in an argument, try to count till 50 before opening your mouth and saying what you really think. This little break will be more than enough for you to calm down and think things twice and you’ll avoid hurting somebody’s feelings. You’ll see that you’ll be more rational, calmer and even more empathic.

5. Try to Put Yourself in the Other Person’s Shoes

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The easiest way to avoid an argument with someone is by trying to first put yourself in the other person’s shoes. This way, you’ll understand better his or her point of view and the way he/she is affected by your actions. Try not to jump to conclusions too quickly! Maybe the other person is right and your opinion might be wrong. Try to accept that you can’t always be right and you’ll see that sometimes a fight is not the best solution to your problem!

6. Don’t Start an Argument before Eating or before Going to Bed

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If you didn’t already know this, studies show that you should never ever start an argument before having a bite or before going to sleep because hunger and exhaustion make people more frustrated and this will enhance the probability of a conflict. So, before you decide to start an argument, be sure to do it on a full stomach and after a good night's sleep. You’ll surely be more rational this way!

7. Walk Away

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One of the simplest and more efficient methods of avoiding a conflict is to simply walk away whenever you feel someone is trying to start an argument. So, this way, you’ll protect both your feelings and you’ll postpone that argument for another time when you both will be more calm and rational. Of course, there are times when you can’t just leave. In that situation, try to postpone the argument for another time. Maybe, in the meantime, everything will work itself out!

It would be very sad to go on your dream vacation and ruin your happy mood by starting all sorts of arguments with the people you’re with. But, sadly, these things happen. If you do have to face some difficult people in your vacations, use my tips for avoiding arguments and everything will work out just fine. What other tips for avoiding arguments do you know? Please share your advice with me!

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