9 Things You Should Try in Southern Thailand ...

For selfish reasons, I decided to write a post this week on the things I want to do in Southern Thailand. I'm about to go there and travel round the islands for a couple of weeks, so I've been researching the best things to do and see. So, whilst it is for selfish reasons, I hope the following list is useful to you if you're going and if you're not, I hope it inspires you to take a trip over there. This is what I can't wait to do and see in Southern Thailand.

1. SNORKELING on Koh Tao

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Koh Tao is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places on earth to snorkel and dive, so it had make my check-list of what I want to do when I'm visiting Southern Thailand. The island itself is meant to be one of the loveliest, so a day spent exploring and snorkeling here is, I've been told, a must-do if you're going out there. Also, the water is around a toasty 30 degrees C, so you won't get chilly.

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