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Skiing is so much fun. Whether it’s for fun or for exercise, there’s nothing more refreshing than hitting the slopes before relaxing with cake and drinks! It does have a rather steep learning curve before you can zoom off down those runs, though, and few people start as naturals. Here are a few of the things that you need to know, that people might not necessarily have told you.

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Ski Boots HURT

Yes, that’s right. Those gorgeous boots that everyone spends hours choosing and picking color schemes for hurt. They feel like giant bowling balls, and they are very restrictive. There’s an excellent reasons for this: if you could move your feet and ankles easily, you’d be likely to injure yourself badly. That doesn’t mean that they’ll be a comfy walk, though. If you’re renting boots, work with the store to get the most comfortable fit possible. If you have burning or circulation pain, change your boots! If it’s cramping and you feel like you’re walking like a zombie, that’s fine. Don’t worry, though – even the hardcore skiiers will be limping with you.


Letting Go Feels Weird

Are you singing LET IT GO in your head now?! Ha. This isn’t an Elsa reference, though. You’ve spent most of your life learning how to save yourself from falling over when you slip, so it feels damn strange deliberately trying to slide around. You will get used to it – and the first thing you’ll learn is how to stop, which helps!


You’ll Need Suncream

Yes, really. Being at a higher elevation (ie, on a mountain) means a thinner atmosphere, which means harsher UV rays. So while your lips might be turning blue, your cheeks will be turning red if you skip the suncream. Make sure you slather up every time you leave the room, and after every shower. Nothing will make your first ski trip more painful than forgetting your SPF!


Don’t Rush

Most ski resorts group learners into groups, who all learn together. While that can seem mortifying, it’s actually great fun – nobody judges, and it’s a great way to get a social life real quick. Plus, the end-of-the-week races are unmissable! If you’re really struggling, though, don’t push yourself to do things that you aren’t ready for. The instructors will be more than prepared to offer one-to-one lessons and get you up to speed, and happy.


You Need a Helmet

I’m not joking here. They might look terrible, and if you don’t like hats, you probably won’t relish wearing it. It is essential, though. Whatever your ability level and whatever anyone else says, you need to protect your head. Falling over at speed and banging your head can lead to pretty severe accidents even with a helmet, and without one, your odds are severely reduced. Don’t leave your room without one.


Ski Lifts Are Amazing, and Rubbish

Nobody gets off a ski lift perfectly the first time. They’re just designed like that. To ace it, put your poles in one hand, lift the bar up, shift forward, put your skis down, lean forward and push yourself with your other hand. Don’t stress if you get it wrong, though. We’ve all been there!


It is Hard

Skiing is fun, but it’s hard, too. After half an hour, your leg muscles will be burning. After a whole day, you’ll be desperately searching for the nearest pub, and willing to swap your ski equipment for a drink and something filling to eat. It does get easier. Stick with it!

I go skiing once a year, and it’s a holiday that I always look forward to. I literally can’t wait to get back to the mountain air! It took me a LONG TIME to ace it, though, and I’m still not that great. I love it anyway. Do you have any great skiing tips? I’d love to hear them!

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You don't need a helmet, I went skiing once and didn't use one, and I fell ALOT and never seen anyone use one and I went to smiters, and boots don't hurt you, the pressure on your legs hurt from skiing

@julie same thing over here in switzerland. SKIING IS THE BEST THING. also. DO wear a helmet! i have fallen with a helmet and had to stop skiing for a couple days, and a guy i know fell without a helmet and had to be flown into hospital with a helicopter!

I learned how to ski when I was two and a half years old haha! Skiing is a huge part of my culture, everyone here has been skiing since a very early age. That's probably why Austria's ski team has the worlds greatest skiers at the moment. :)

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