7 Things to See and do in Birmingham, England ...

Even though it was my place of birth, I don’t go back very often and I am always surprised by how the things to do in Birmingham change for each time I visit. There are some things however, that are the mainstay of England’s second city’s attractions. In my lifetime, I have seen it change from a smelly, heavily-industrialized, dreary place to a location that wears its culture most definitely on its sleeve. It is vibrant and exciting and very culturally diverse. It might not be my home (I left when I was but 5 years old), but I am still a “Brummie” and proud of the things to do in Birmingham and the welcome it offers visitors.

1. Cadbury World

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Whether you’ve got kids or not, this is the place of all places to go in Birmingham. You take a walk around the factory, sample chocolates, see how it is packaged and advertised, and there is even a ride. You can learn about the Cadbury story, and stuff your face full of lovely, wonderful, creamy chocolate on the way. Oh, and you can stop off at the world’s largest Cadbury shop, that’s if you can stomach anymore chocolate!

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