7 Things to Have in Your Carry-on for Longer Flights ...

I know how unnerving it can be to figure about what you need to pack in a suitcase versus things to have in your carry-on. Luckily, I’ve built up a check-list through my various travels. Most of the plane rides I go on are between 6-11 hours, which can get long after a while. So here are some things to have in your carry-on that I always make sure to include.

1. Clothes

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One thing to have in your carry-on is a set of clothes. I would recommend this for any length flight. You never know if your luggage will get lost and it would be rough to arrive in a new city with no clothes. At least having one or two outfits to work with in that situation will make things easier. Also, I make sure to have warm socks so in case my feet get cold on the flight, I can warm them up.

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