9 Things to do the Day before You Travel ...


It’s so very exciting getting ready for a trip or vacation but you really must not forget there is a whole slew of things to do the day before you travel. This list is essential for organized travelers who don’t want to be rushing around at the last minute trying to think if they have remembered everything. On my actual traveling day, I personally want to look at my packed suitcase and tick the final thing off my to–do list and then just wait for the hours to tick by until it’s time to leave. Here’s my list of the things to do the day before you travel.

1. Check the Weather

Checking the weather both for home and your destination is one of the important things to do the day before you travel. Having an idea about what the weather will be doing on your trip will enable you to make any last minute changes to your choice of packed clothes. Plus, severe weather conditions at home might affect your flight and leave you with delays. It’s always good to have a head's up so you can prepare yourself.

Pack and Check
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