9 Things to do in Branson ...


9 Things to do in Branson ...
9 Things to do in Branson ...

If you’re planning a vacation to Branson, MO, anytime soon, then you need to know some fun things to do in Branson! One of the best things about Branson is that nearly every attraction is family-friendly, but even if you don’t have children you will still enjoy yourself. I’ve put together a list with several of my very favorite things to do in Branson, so keep on reading if you would love to know the top attractions to see and do while vacationing in the lovely state of Missouri!

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Silver Dollar City

One of my most favorite things to do in Branson is the Silver Dollar City theme park. I’m a kid at heart! The park has many different adult rides, as well as a section for smaller children. You will have lots of opportunities for shopping, so much good food to nibble on, and there are shows scattered throughout the day all over the park. My favorite thing about Silver Dollar City is the atmosphere. It’s very old-fashioned and completely family-friendly!


The Branson Belle

I got the chance to experience the Branson Belle for the first time last year, and I have to say that it’s certainly something you don’t want to miss! The food is delicious, of course, and the show is highly entertaining and so much fun! You get to explore the boat, and even go up to the roof.


The Dixie Stampede

The Dixie Stampede is Dolly Parton’s show, and probably one of the most popular shows on the Branson strip! They switch up their show a little bit each season, so you get something slightly different no matter now many times you go. And the food they serve here is finger-lickin’ good!


Ripley’s Believe It or Not

This nifty little museum lives up to its name! It’s hard to believe most of the stuff you see in here, but seeing is believing. It takes a couple hours to walk through and see everything, but it’s a lot of fun, and there are opportunities to buy souvenirs throughout the tour. You can take as many pictures as you want!


Andy’s Ice Cream

You can’t go on vacation without having some ice cream! The best place to get ice cream when in Branson is Andy’s. They serve perfectly soft and creamy concretes, and you can put any topping or mixture of toppings inside! They have everything from fruit to gummy worms to choose from!


Butterfly Palace

I remember visiting the Butterfly Palace for the first time when I was 16 years old. It’s almost a magical place if you have a large imagination! You get to learn some interesting information about butterflies, as well as see lots of cool exotic frogs, snakes, and bugs. At the end of the tour, there is a large greenhouse you can walk through with hundreds of butterflies inside! They will float all around you, and even land on you!


Tanger Outlets

If you love shopping, then you must visit the Tanger Outlets! This shopping outlet has top-notch bargains on name-brand clothing lines. And with a huge variety of stores to shop in, you won’t be bored!


Titanic Museum

I’ve always been touched by the tragic story of the Titanic. If you are a history buff for this sort of thing, the Titanic museum would be a neat place for you to stop by! So many facts on the Titanic, as well as movie clips with lots of footage to watch. My favorite thing about the museum was the hands-on room where you get to feel how cold the water actually was that night!


Shepherd of the Hills

For an evening of entertainment, exploration, learning, and good food, check out Shepherd of the Hills! If you love drama, you’re in for a treat. A full length, outdoor play is put on for you, after you’ve been given a tour of the grounds and get some good food in your stomach. Definitely an experience you’ll enjoy!

As many times as I have vacationed in Branson myself, I could go on and on recommending things I love to do in this area. These are just my top picks for some good, old-fashioned family fun! Have you ever been to Branson? Please comment below with your favorite activities to do in Branson!

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L O V E Branson! But you should also check out the titanic museum and the house of chaos

I love Branson! Visited as a kid. What about Ride the Ducks? Or Chinese acrobats? Some pretty good magic shows too like Kirby. Might be a little outdated and not exist now, but worth a shot!

Live in Kansas City and I've never been, I'm going to have to drive down there.

Just went there for my honeymoon!we love silver dollar city!!been there so many times its awesome!

@beth LOL! Been there soooo many times!

Haha! As soon as I seen the title of this article I KNEW who the author was!! :-)

Cakes and Cream is a delicious ice cream place too!

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