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8 Things That Piss off Your Flight Attendant ...

By Heather

There are plenty of things flight attendants hate that you'd never know about from their smiling faces. Do you often wonder exactly what things flight attendants hate but never reveal? Well, I've got a list for you. From my recent trip back to Michigan a few weeks back, I got to observe all sorts of behavior on the flight that I know ground on my flight attendants' nerves. So girls, you ready to see what you can avoid when you're on a flight? Take a look!

1 Don't Complain without Reason

Okay, we all know that one of the things flight attendants hate is complainers – unless you have a reason to complain. Did your luggage get lost the last time you were on a flight and you don't want it to get lost again so you complain about it? Are you complaining about the fact that you got the middle seat? Your flight attendant can't help you with all of your complaints, so really, just keep them to yourself.

2 Seat in Front of You Means, Seat in Front of You

So many people think that the seat in front of them actually refers to the seat next to them if it is not occupied, or even just the floor in front of them. Ladies, that isn't the case! Putting your things under the seat in front of you actually means, under the seat in front of you, not anywhere else. Take note of that!

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3 Expect Your Flight Attendant to Help with a Bag Too Heavy

Another thing that all flight attendants hate is when bags are too heavy. Just because you didn't want to check your bag doesn't mean that you should expect the flight attendant to risk an injury helping you lift everything. Lesson here? If you pack light and simple, you won't make your bag too heavy!

4 Don't Call Them Multiple Times

This one goes for waitresses too, girls! Do not -- I repeat, do not -- call your flight attendant over and over again. If you have trash, want a drink or need to know where the bathroom is, make it all in one trip, don't call them over four or five times! It makes them feel as through they are run ragged – for no tip at all.

5 Shut off the Electronic Devices, Seriously

Just because you are bending down and talking on the phone out of sight of the flight attendants doesn't mean they don't know what you're doing. When they say turn off your electronic devices, do it! It is totally not worth the fight and honestly, there shouldn't even be a question – the flight attendants know best!

6 Keep Your Pet in the Carrier

Just because you are now allowed to bring your pet on as a carry-on item (which boggles my brain a little bit, but that's just me) doesn't mean you can now take your pooch out of the carrier and play with it. You are in the air, you don't need a dog doing their business anywhere … and you really don't need a barking dog on any flight!

7 The Flight Attendant Isn't a Babysitter

This is another thing that flight attendants hate, girls – kids. Now, they don't exactly hate kids, but they hate when the parents instantly believe that they are no longer responsible for their kids, therefore the flight attendants have to watch them. Your flight attendant is not your babysitter, you've still gotta keep your kid in check.

8 The Leg Room Isn't Controlled by the Flight Attendant

Finally, don't complain about the leg room. All flights are tight, all of them suck and you should know this before you book a flight. The flight attendants cannot control the leg room. Remember that when you're traveling and just leave the complaining out of it, okay?

So girls, there you have it! Everything that your flight attendants hate, that you might be doing as we speak. So, as you go into the holiday traveling, remember some of these things, okay? What other things do you think flight attendants hate? Give it up!

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