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When you go on vacation, most people stay in a hotel. Whether that is for the excellent restaurant food that is just downstairs, for a comfortable bed or because they are relatively inexpensive, it seems hotels are the most popular choice. However it seems that some people go to hotels not because of their convenience or great food, but because they provide an ample opportunity to steal items – here is the list of 10 things people steal from hotels.

1. Towels

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I’m not sure about you, but whenever I stay in a hotel (unless it’s high end) the towels are one of the most annoying parts of my stay. The towels are usually too small for their intended purpose (much to my dismay when getting out of the shower) and depending on the quality of hotel, can be very rough against your skin. Therefore I am confused as to why towels are the top items that people steal from hotels – each to their own?

2. Cushions

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Every woman loves to make her home look nice with a few cushions scattered on the sofa or bed. But why on earth would you steal cushions from a hotel? Firstly the cushions are unlikely to match the color scheme of your house (unless you design your house around what a hotel looks like, and in that case you have larger problems) and they aren’t even usually good quality. Needless to say there have been hundreds if not thousands of people sitting on those cushions!

3. Bathrobes

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Yes – an item stolen from hotels that I actually understand! The supplied bathrobes are probably my favorite part of staying in a hotel, so I must admit I have been tempted to take the odd bathrobe or two when I’ve stayed in a luxury hotel. Nothing beats getting out of a warm bath, putting on a bathrobe and then relaxing on a king-size bed with chocolates.

4. TV Remote Controls

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Why, oh why, would you take a television remote control from a hotel? I’m not sure about you, but my TV at home is not the same as the ones supplied in hotels, so do they even work? Or do they get stolen for the batteries?

5. Light Bulbs

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I know that we’re in a tough economic time right now, but if you can’t afford to purchase a pack of light bulbs for $2, can you afford to stay in a hotel at all? There are certain items that are expensive that I can understand being stolen, but who takes enough light bulbs from hotels for them to be number 5 on the list of 10 things people steal from hotels?

6. Mini-Bar Contents

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Another of the annoyances of a hotel room is the mini-bar. Although it is convenient if you just want a little serving of alcohol or fancy some nuts, the price of the contents is ridiculous. I completely understand why they’re stolen, but isn’t the bill then just sent onto the customer? Strange!

7. Clothes Hangers

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This is another of the items that I’m not sure why is included on my list of things people steal from hotels. Plastic clothes hangers can be purchased at the dollar store easily, so do people really feel the need to steal them from hotels?

8. Bathroom Display Trays

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I’ve been guilty of forgetting my shampoo when on vacation but I’ve never stolen the entire bathroom tray! I do wonder how people manage to fit these things in their suitcases…

9. Coffee Sachets

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The instant coffee that you are provided with in hotels is revolting, so why people would take the coffee sachets is puzzling. I’d rather buy my own coffee than steal theirs, thank you!

10. Plastic Tissue Boxes

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To finish my list of 10 things people steal from hotels has to be another strange one (to go with light bulbs and hangers): plastic tissue boxes. Whether they are full or empty I’m not sure, but this is still curious!

There you have the list of 10 things people steal from hotels. You do have to wonder, if people didn’t steal so much from hotels would room tariffs be cheaper? I bet not in all reality. The complimentary toiletries I totally understand and I freely admit to taking those because they make such good travel items if you’re away from home a lot, but some of these other items are pretty outrageous.

If you would like to admit to stealing any stranger items from hotels, please do leave a comment and tell me all about it!

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