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You’ve got insurance, you have regular services but do you have a car emergency kit? Are you prepared for the things that can happen when you’re motoring along? A car emergency kit should see you through most of the basic issues and this following list is what you should carry in your vehicle every trip.

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Ice Scraper

This is part of the car emergency kit that so many people don’t have, even though they get caught out with it a couple of times a week during the winter. You’ll find them chipping away at the ice on their windscreen using one of their many credit cards, getting blue hands. You can pick up an ice scraper from a discount shop, so it won’t break the bank. You could even think about getting some de-icer spray. Spray the solution onto the windscreen and the ice is gone!


Reflective Triangles

If you break down you will want to make other drivers aware of you. Obviously you would put your hazard lights on, however to make yourself stand out even more, pick up a couple of reflective triangles to add to your car emergency kit, and warn the other drivers that you are there.


Flash Light

Have you considered what you would do if you broke down in the dark? Now, you might not be planning on changing a tire or anything like that, but it is handy to have so you can see while you wait for the repair van. You may also need one for when you are reading a map or for signalling in an emergency.


Strong Tape

Duct tape isn’t going to be the strongest of repairs, however it’s in the things to have in your car emergency kit as a bit of tape may well be enough to hold it all together until you get to a repair shop.


Tire Inflator

No one wants a flat tire on a long journey. Invest in an aerosol tire inflator to plug holes, or put just enough air in to make it to a repair shop.


Gas Can

If you are going on a road trip to the end of the Earth then you might want to think about taking a gallon of extra fuel. There is nothing worse than being miles from the gas station and the warning light has come on.


Charger for Your Car Battery

Jump cables are a thing of the past! Pick up one of these compact chargers and renew your battery through the cigarette lighter. This is a must have for every car emergency kit.


Fire Extinguisher

Because you just never know. Car fires can be pretty scary, however they are easily put out with a fire extinguisher. Just make sure that you get the right one, ask in store to be sure.


First Aid Kit

Be sure that you have a first aid kit in the car loaded up with items to treat cuts, burns, headaches. Make sure that you have plenty of plasters and bandages just in case.


Tow Rope

You might need a lift if you break down and your car is not fixable from the road side. You may well see someone else in a tight spot and offer them your services - remember to feel smug that you were prepared with your car emergency kit.


Traction Panels

These are metal panels which you can place under your wheels if you get stuck in the mud. These are a must have for anyone driving on sand, mud, ice, or slush.

So how is your car emergency kit looking against this list? Need to beef yours up a bit? Or, is there something else you always carry that you recommend others should too?

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A pair of tennis shoes. Incase you'd care breaks down and you need to walk somewhere and you have heels or sandals on :)

not only a blanket, extra clothes, but also matches, water bottles, unopened boxes of food and extra gloves for when urs get wet. all things i've used traveling w kids living in VT.

*your *car (dang auto correct)

You'll want a knife in case you ever need to cut yourself out of your seatbelt. I think they make blades with weighted ends so you could break the window if needed, too.

you also want a candle. that is a car essential. in an emergency if you are in a car a single candle can keep you warm

Blankets n extra clothes.

As well, you might want to have a jack inside of your car, invest on a spear tire!, some anergy drinks or pills, and very important too; if you feel sleepy should pullover and take some fresh air until u feel more awake and ready to start driving again or let someone else drive if you have company, for your own safely God sake!.

It's bad to keep water bottles in your car bc they can become harmful to you @Anna

Car charger for your phone just in case you need to call someone for a tow or something and your phone is dead.

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