9 Things for a Mother to Remember on a Trip ...


Traveling with children can be hard on Mommy, especially if they're younger, but is is very possible to have a great trip, even with the smallest babies. The key is to be prepared for anything, and to make sure you have plenty of time to allow for the extra stops you're bound to make. Too many times, a mother forgets something important that ends up making her trip a bit harder. (My sister-in-law forgot her baby's bottle the other day, and even when she bought a new one, it wasn't the same, and baby didn't eat! She had to make a quick trip home!) You don't want this to happen to you, do you? If not, then follow this checklist of 8 things for a mother to remember on a trip, and you're sure to be set!

1. Securities

Whether it's a special toy, their blankie, or a pacifier, it is vital to the happiness of your trip if you remember your child's security piece. When I was younger, I had a doll called "Jammie Pies." He was my sleeping buddy every night, and somehow, he got forgotten at my grandmother's. From what I was told, nothing consoled me, until I received Jammie in the mail a few days later. In short, make sure, whatever you do, to remember whatever comfort your child needs to go to sleep at night. It will make your entire trip much easier!

Extra Easy-Access Clothes
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