11 Things Every Girl Should Bring on a Trip with Her ...


Summer is the perfect time to get away, and if youโ€™re one of those lucky girls going on vacation, be sure to check out these things to bring on a trip that I believe all girls should remember. As you pack, donโ€™t forget some of these essentials, which in my opinion can totally make or break your trip. The key to packing is to remember that you never know what to expect. Case in point? When I went to L.A. for the first time at age 18, I was sure Iโ€™d be soaking up tons of sun in the middle of July. No need for a jacket, right? It was California, after all. Boy, was I wrong! I was freezing the entire time since I had no idea that California was actually cooler than SC in the middle of summer. Who would have thought? Luckily, I had a few items in my bag that I actually had to rewash several times because the rest of my clothes left me freezing. Sadly, my bikini never got touched. After that, I learned to pack for any situation possible. Yes, I had to pay a little extra for excessive baggage on the plane, but it was worth it! Check out my essential 11 things to bring on a trip that I think every girl should know. Youโ€™ll stay fresh and fabulous during your trip and put your suitcase(s) to good use too!

1. Good Music

Good Music

You just never know when youโ€™re going to need a good jam session, so good music is one of the best things to bring on a trip of all. Whether you use it in the car, on a plane, on the beach, while riding the subway, or just walking down the street, donโ€™t leave home without your music, ladies! Iโ€™m sure most of you have your tunes on your phone or an iPod, however, no matter how you store it, just be sure bring your music! If nothing else, you may end up in a noisy hotel at night or next to someone who parties all night long. Your music can deafen the annoyance and send you into dreamland quicker, or be as simple as tuning out that annoying person beside you on the plane ride.

A Good Book
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