The 10 Best American Cities to Visit in Winter ...

American cities have fascinating individual characters that either draw people to them or turn them off completely. As winter arrives, these American cities can become even more or even less attractive. When it comes to taking a winter vacation some of us love to head for the sun, others can’t wait to get into the snow. Some flee the snowy slush covered streets of the northern American cities for warmer climes whilst others leave the sunbaked sidewalks of the south for the winter wonderlands in the mountains. According to the readers of Business Insider, here are the 10 Best American Cities to Visit in Winter.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Definitely one for the sun lovers. Beautifully sunny San Juan is affordable, full of cultural interest and a great foodie destination. Certainly not the first that would spring to most people’s mind when it comes to American cities but the Capital of Puerto Rico has plenty to offer. Pull up a beach chair, sip a cocktail and enjoy the sunset.