The Most Natural Ways to Overcome Jet Lag ...

Jet lag has the capacity to spoil a trip at both ends. You can lose time at the beginning of your vacation while you overcome it and when you get back, it can undo all the great R&R you so richly deserved. It doesn’t matter if you’re a frequent traveler or not, jet lag can strike. If you’re flying across time zones, make a note of how to overcome jet lag so you get full value from your vacation time.

1. Prepare Your Body for Your New Destination before You Leave

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Learn to adjust your body to sleep and wake as per your new destination. You can do it by shifting your sleep and wake schedule by half an hour every day. Start making this change at least a week before your trip.

2. Change Your Eating Pattern to Combat Time Zone Changes

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If you're simply heading west for example, to Vancouver from your home in Toronto, you should start eating an hour earlier than your regular time. You should start eating an hour later when you're about to move back to your home.

3. Take Vitamin C to Boost Your Immune System

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When on the plane, a vitamin C supplement of at least 2g. If you prefer not to take supplements eat some oranges or kiwi fruit. This will help strengthen your immune system. It is also a good idea to take a solid amount of oregano oil to eliminate any bacteria or viruses you may be exposed to.

4. Don't Extend Your Naptime to Avoid Messing up Your Sleeping Pattern

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One of many ways to overcome jet lag is to avoid taking quick naps while on the plane. Even if you want to sleep, don't stretch it beyond half an hour. The best thing is to set an alarm. You will be better off taking several short naps than having one long one.

5. Staying Hydrated is Absolutely Essential (and Not Just to Defeat Jet Lag)

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Plane travel is dehydrating and is stressful on the body. Keep drinking water throughout the flight to keep your body well hydrated. Avoid alcohol or anything caffeinated during the flight because these drinks can dehydrate your system and even mess up your internal clock that will cause jet lag symptoms.

6. Snacking with the Right Things is an Important Weapon in the Fight against Jet Lag

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If you haven't eaten anything or even if you have, it is a good idea to bring snacks with you to avoid eating salt-laden food you will find everywhere at the airport. You may even consider carrying a small cooler bag filled with items like seeds, nuts, dried fruit, chicken salad, canned sardines, cheese, and energy bars to avoid dealing with jet lag.

7. You Might Need Some Help Getting to Sleep when You Get There

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If you're having trouble falling asleep once you reach your destination, you can take 4mg of melatonin to help relax your tired nerves. Using an herbal tincture is also one of the most effective and somewhat natural ways to deal with jet lag.

8. You Can Benefit from a Boost of Caffeine at Your Destination

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You can definitely drink espresso to alleviate your jet lag symptoms – but only once you’re at your destination and when you’re struggling to get in line with daylight hours. Don’t drink it when you’re trying to get to sleep.

9. Don’t Sleep in on Your First Morning There

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The very best way to deal with jet lag is to get into the time zone of your destination asap. Do not extend your sleeping time on your first morning. Get up, throw open the drapes and get some natural sunlight exposure as soon as you can. This will help stimulate certain hormones in your body that will make you feel alert and keep you awake. You might struggle to stay wide awake all day but don’t fall into the temptation of a mid-afternoon nap pr a very early night. Make your day length as close to a normal day at home as you can.

10. You Might Need a Cold Shower to Kick Start Your System

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Beating jet lag is about tricking your body back into its normal rhythm. Shocks like a cold shower first thing in the morning can help.

11. It’s Ok to Indulge in a Big Breakfast on Your First Morning

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On your first morning, be sure to eat a large, well-balanced breakfast. This will help your body establish a new rhythm, and once your body knows it is breakfast time, the rest will begin to sink in as well.

12. Start Your Vacation as Soon as Possible on Day One

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Don’t waste the first day of your vacation hiding in your hotel room trying to overcome the jet lag. Get out there. Get into the sunlight and get the party started. Being energetic and doing the great activities you planned will make you feel energized.

Jet lag is a nasty little creature and will happily take hold if you let it. Do you think these tips will help your next trip?

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