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The 20 Most Instagrammed Places of 2015 ...

By Neecey

Among its many attractions, Instagram has become a wonderful photo album for travelers. It is filled with fabulous pictures of the amazing places users visit. Instagram has released its list of its most featured places in 2015. Here it is:

1 Disneyland: Anaheim, California, USA

Disneyland: Anaheim, California, USA

Dubbed the "happiest place on Earth", Disneyland in Anaheim beat every other destination to top position in the Instagram chart for 2015. Whether you're 3 or 83, there's something for everybody to enjoy in what many see as the ultimate family attraction.

2 The Eiffel Tower : Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower : Paris, France

In the city of lights the Eiffel Tower outshines all other buildings at night, when this iconic 19th century structure is lit up in rainbow colors. Nearly 7 million visitors a year, of which some 75% are visitors from abroad, scramble up its dizzying heights to enjoy the most spectacular panoramic views over Paris.


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3 Central Park: New York, USA

Central Park: New York, USA

Central Park welcomes some 42 million visitors every year, no matter what the season, so naturally, it featured prominently in Instagram uploads. And a 10-year run of hit TV show "Friends", set in an apartment along Central Park, is probably another reason, why this park is more popular than Hyde Park in London or Stadtpark in Hamburg, Germany.

4 Times Square: New York, USA

Times Square: New York, USA

And the same is true for the Big Apple's Time Square, where an abundance of bright lights, giant billboards, a profusion of theatres and restaurants attract huge numbers of visitors all year round who cannot resist posting their selfies.

5 Musée Du Louvre: Paris, France

Musée Du Louvre: Paris, France

From Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa to the Impressionists paintings of Monet, the Louvre is the world's most visited art collection with 9.3 million tourists per annum and therefore a high proportion of Instagram pictures represent art lovers and those who'd like to pretend they are, even though they probably couldn't tell a cubist Spanish Picasso from a Dutch master like Rembrandt.

6 Walt Disney World: Bay Lake, Florida, USA

Walt Disney World: Bay Lake, Florida, USA

The Disney appeal never fails to attract children great and small to one of the company's theme parks. From Goofy and Mickey Mouse to the stars of "Frozen", everybody wants to have their picture taken with their favorite Disney movie star.

7 Santa Monica Pier: Santa Monica, California, USA

Santa Monica Pier: Santa Monica, California, USA

Originally constructed in 1909, with an additional, linked-up pier built in 1916, Santa Monica Pier may have been planned and thought of by 19th century minds, but it is firmly rooted in the here and now when it comes to family appeal. Promising a fun-packed day out for all ages, the pier is still one of the most visited attractions at the West Coast.

8 Dodgers Stadium: Los Angeles, California

Dodgers Stadium: Los Angeles, California

Although the Dodgers Stadium receives its fair share of international visitors, it is mainly US fans of baseball who like to post their Instagram pictures before, during and after a game.

9 Red Square: Moscow, Russia

Red Square: Moscow, Russia

One of the most iconic and instantly recognizable places on Earth, Moscow's red square with its onion-domed church and Kremlin complex remains the country's most visited - and most photographed - attraction.

10 Universal Studios: Los Angeles, California, USA

Universal Studios: Los Angeles, California, USA

Visitors take a tourist train ride through some of the Western World's most famous movies when they visit Universal Studios' amazing theme park in California. Watch out for Jaws! or you'll get splashed with water as the huge animatronics shark rears up out of its tank.

11 Madison Square Garden: New York, USA

Madison Square Garden: New York, USA

From pro wrestling, world championship boxing to international pop stars, everybody wants to appear at least once in their life time on the stage of Madison Square Garden. Guided tours behind the scene proved once again extremely popular with Instagram selfie fans.

12 Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, California, USA

Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco's most famous landmark has probably appeared in more movies than any other man-made structure and remains one of the United States' most photographed monuments; a symbol of the American free spirit to this day.

13 Yankee Stadium : New York, USA

Yankee Stadium : New York, USA

At a cost of $1.5 billion, the Yankee Stadium is one of the most expensive stadiums in the world and for this reason alone it has remained high on the tourist agenda. From those who come to see sports matches to those with an interest in outstanding architecture, the Yankee Stadium provides a perfect background for Instagram selfies as far as tourists are concerned.

14 Ibirapuera Park: São Paulo, Brazil

Ibirapuera Park: São Paulo, Brazil

Attracting more than 10 million visitors a year, Ibirapuera Park was opened to the public in 1954 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the City of São Paulo. Today, it is home to the Biennial Pavilion, which hosts some of the most important cultural events of the city, including São Paulo Fashion week, the Oca do Ibirapuera, formerly known as the Palace of Arts, which holds predominantly large art exhibitions, the Japanese Pavilion, which was built as a replica of the Katsura Palace in Kyoto with the help of the Japanese government to showcase Japanese art, and the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), one of the most important. venues for modern art in Latin America.

15 Siam Paragon: Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Paragon: Bangkok, Thailand

As one of the largest shopping centers in Asia, Siam Paragon, which opened on 9th December 2005, offers not just an abundance of specialist shops but also a multitude of restaurants, a multiplex cinema with 15 large theatres, the Sea Life Ocean World Aquarium, which also happens to be the largest in South East Asia, and the Thai Art Gallery, an opera concert hall and an exhibition hall. You could lose yourself in Siam Paragon for weeks!

16 Metropolitan Museum of Art: New York, USA

Metropolitan Museum of Art: New York, USA

MOMA never fails to dazzle with its art collection and special exhibitions, be they about Asian watercolors or Italian Renaissance masters. It's one of the city's most beloved and most visited attractions.

17 Tokyo Disneyland: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Disneyland: Tokyo, Japan

Japanese people seemingly love all things animation, and a large proportion of visitors are not children but adults who come to meet Mickey Mouse and friends over a bowl of noodle soup and sushi.

18 Disneyland Paris: Paris, France

Disneyland Paris: Paris, France

Around 16.2 million visitors flocked to Europe's Disneyland in 2013, which make it the third most visited park on the calendar that year. As one of the most represented picture-wise on social media, Disneyland Paris with its pink fairytale castle modeled on mad Bavarian King's Castle Schwanstein in Germany is never off the digital ether for long.

19 Brooklyn Bridge: New York, USA

Brooklyn Bridge: New York, USA

As iconic a landmark as the Statue of Liberty herself, Brooklyn Bridge symbolizes for many people the gateway into a new world. The bridge also leads to some of NYC's most interesting museums and parks, not just to the district of Brooklyn, preferred "landing place and launch pad" for millions of Irish immigrants who came to the US in the 19th and 20th century in search of a better life.

20 Empire State Building: New York, USA

Empire State Building: New York, USA

Not only was the Empire State Building the world's tallest free-standing structure until 1967 and the planet's tallest skyscraper for more than 40 years, the landmark building has featured in so many famous movies, everybody wants to have their picture taken there to show off to their friends.

Other than the sports stadia, there weren’t any real surprises on this list. Did anything surprise you by its inclusion or exclusion?

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