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Do you get excited about summer destinations that aren't too hot?

If you live where it is practically summer all year round, you might not get as excited as the rest of us about a vacation in the sun or by the ocean. Indeed, you might even feel that for your holiday break, you want to escape the hot sun for a while. Or maybe you just don’t like the sun or the heat, irrespective of where you live. So, where are some summer destinations that aren't too hot?

1. Stay Cool in San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco's unique positioning between the cold Pacific Ocean and the vast San Francisco Bay provides the city with guaranteed year-round moderate temperatures, although they slightly vary from district to district. San Francisco is one of the world's most fabulous destinations that stay cool in summer, when ocean breezes and sea fog reduce temperatures to around 67 during the day, dropping down to 54 in early evening. Take a sweater, though; some city districts get chillier climes.

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