The 9 Coolest 😎 Cities to Shop in πŸ› for Fashion Addicts 🀀 ...

The best cities to shop in the USA are also among the country’s greatest cities. It seems to go hand in hand that if a city has tons of other attractions, it also fulfils the needs of any retail addict, ok, strike that, retail enthusiast. has delivered their list of the best US cities for shopping and I’m delighted to share. You’re welcome!

1. Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is the next most fashionable city after New York and is considered one of the best vacation spots in the U.S. Shopper will get a chance to hover in the beauty of this city as they will drive through the Beverly Hills and to the beachside of the Third Street Promenade. Reputed art galleries like Los Angeles county museum of art can fetch awesome experience with its unique beauty. La la land is another place in Los Angeles filled with movie set backdrops and popular Hollywood name brands.
Hotel suggestion:
Beverly Hills is the only place to stay if you are in it for the shopping, and the Mr C Beverly Hills Hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the Rodeo Drive Shopping District. Close enough to carry all of your bags back to your room!
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