The Coolest 😎 Alternative ✌️ Street Markets 🛍 in the World 🗺 ...

When I travel, I always look to see if there any alternative street markets in or close to my destination. Although in 2018 the vast majority of people tend to favour a nice shiny mall with spacious, air-conditioned department stores that possess everything they need, there is no denying that there is a lasting charm about the atmosphere and environment of a street market. Street markets just have the kind of electric buzz about them that department stores do not, and it is always good to look outside of your comfort zone in terms of the kinds of products and items that you usually buy. And not to mention, they are also perfect opportunities to add some cool shots to your Instagram page! Here are some of the coolest alternative street markets in the world.

1. Camden Market, London, UK

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Camden is probably the most iconic alternative market area in the entire world! It is known for its amazing punk scene that has been prevalent since the 1970s, and you can head over to Camden if you are ever in the market for things like platform shoes, leathers belts, piercings and tattoos! I loved this place when I lived in London and if I didn't have plans for the weekend, invariably I ended up wandering around the stalls. It's also now home to the statue of Amy Winehouse who lived nearby and was a frequent visitor.

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