The 25 Best Places in the World to Spend Christmas 🌎 πŸŽ„ ...

Don’t want to spend Christmas at home? Or just fancy a different experience for a change. It’s nice to see how different parts of the world celebrate the holidays. Take a look at where you might want to go:

1. Brussels, Belgium

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Yummy Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles, croustillons (sugared doughnuts) and not one but two Santas, Saint Nicholas and Pere Noel, make the Belgium capital an utter delight at Yuletide. Brussels' Winter Wonders' Christmas market was named the "most original in Europe" by Britain's tour operators. Boasting 2 km of stalls, a fairground with giant Ferris wheel and a sledding track, a series of music concerts, lightshows on the famous Grand Place and an ice rink where festive spirits can make a fool of themselves, Brussels is definitely one of the 25 best places in the world to spend Christmas.

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