The Best Festivals 🎑🎒🎠 for Your 2017 CalendarπŸ“†πŸ—“ for Girls Who Want to Have Fun πŸ™ƒπŸ€— ...


Most of us are familiar with the big name music festivals but a festival isn’t just a fabulous music event. All around the globe, millions of people gather on special occasions to celebrate in style attending music, community, cultural and religious gatherings and ceremonies. So if you’re off on a trip in 2017 (or any other year), here’s a calendar of the best festivals you can consider attending:

1. The Experience Festival – Thailand

Dec 30th - Jan 2nd 2017

This festival is often coined as the β€˜happiest festival in the world’. Always taking place around the turn of the New Year, festivalgoers can begin their next twelve months in style on Turtle Island (Koh Tao) with a crazy UV theme and enough dance and trance beats to have you jumping and swaying for days.

Quebec City Winter Carnival – Canada
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