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Terrifying Theme Park Rides Most People Are Too Afraid to Ride ...

By Lauren

Some of the world’s roller coasters and theme park rides are truly terrifying. It’s no wonder there are many people who won’t go near one let alone allow themselves to be hurtled around at breakneck speeds through velvet black tunnels, up vertical inclines and dropping depths almost as deep as hell itself. If you however, love to scream until your lungs burst these terrifying theme park rides are calling.

1 Sky Tower, Tivoli Friheden, Denmark

Sky Tower, Tivoli Friheden, DenmarkFancy a free fall ride without brakes or vehicle that plunges you from the top of a 130-foot tower into a net some 100 feet below? If you've longed to experience 4G sensations while your frightened little body hurtles downwards at a top speed of 55 mph, this is the ride for you! On the other hand, if you value your life more than the thrill of a lifetime, the theme park's management has thoughtfully provided a get-out-clause for chicken-hearted visitors: a lift that takes you all the way up where you can enjoy the views without any G forces pummeling you. As terrifying theme park rides go, this one takes the proverbial biscuit!

2 Talocan, Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany

Talocan, Phantasialand, Brühl, GermanyBilled as Germany's scariest theme park ride EVER, Talocan regularly causes riders to lose their lunch. Located in a Mexican-themed part of Phantasialand theme park in the otherwise sleepy town of Brühl in North Rhine-Westphalia, Talacon is not suited for children under 10 or larger-sized visitors, who wouldn't fit beneath the safety bars holding them in place during the stomach-turning ride. Take your own bucket and mop!

3 Goliath, Six Flags Great America Theme Park, Gurnee, Illinois, USA

Goliath, Six Flags Great America Theme Park, Gurnee, Illinois, USADeceptively traditional and harmless looking, Goliath is a wooden roller coaster with steel layers in its track that allow the construction to offer riders the steepest, tallest drop and fastest ride of all wooden roller coasters. Vehicles climb up 180 feet at a hair-raising 85 degrees, then plunge downwards at 72 mph speeds. Yes, you may scream all the way down; it's positively encouraged to keep riders sane.

4 Skyscreamer, Six Flags New England Theme Park, Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

Skyscreamer, Six Flags New England Theme Park, Agawam, Massachusetts, USARiders' legs dangle 400 feet up in the air in this vertical model of the traditional swing ride. You'll be spun around in a circle until the thing reaches a velocity of 40 mph - and most riders are probably on the verge of fainting by then. Imagine being shut in a giant tumble-dryer, where nobody can hear you scream, when the spin cycle starts in earnest.

5 Verrückt Schlitterbahn, Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Verrückt Schlitterbahn, Kansas City, Kansas, USAVerrückt means "crazy" in German and you'd have to be, if you want to voluntarily experience a ride on a 17-story high waterslide that is taller than Niagara Falls. You share this stomach-turning rafting experience with three other riders. Find out who can scream the loudest, when your raft hurtles at speeds of more than 65 mph downwards, then up again by 5 stories, then down again and so forth until your brain doesn't know if your body is up or down anymore. Yep, it's one of those terrifying theme park rides most sane people wouldn't go on!

6 Banshee, Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

Banshee, Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USAThe world's longest inverted roller coaster takes riders through seven inversions across 4,124 feet of track. Along the way, just for good scary measure, it shoots them through a spiral and a zero-G roll. Management expects you to lose your lunch, but not your nerve!

7 Zumanjaro (Drop of Doom), Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park, Jackson, New Jersey, USA

Zumanjaro (Drop of Doom), Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park, Jackson, New Jersey, USAOf all the terrifying theme park rides in the world, Zumanjaro is the one only utterly crazy people would choose as a "vacation leisure activity". Or possibly NASA astronauts in training for their next lunar landing. The Drop of Doom is the world's highest drop ride, shooting riders up by 415 feet, halting vehicles for a moment at the very top, before releasing them for a 10-second hellish ride to the bottom at speeds of 90 mph. Don't eat before you get on, make your will and say goodbye to loved-ones: your heart may stop on the way down!

Has your stomach stopped churning yet? Do you love a terrifying roller coaster ride? What’s the best you’ve been on?

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