7 Swanky Date Spots in Brooklyn That You Won't Regret Visiting ...

If you are looking for ways to break the ice in a new relationship, this list of swanky date spots in Brooklyn will have your wallet sighing with relief. Conversely, these ideas can also be used for simple but fun outings with your best friends. The best part about these places is that they are inexpensive but still manage to maintain a certain element of beauty. These marvelous date spots in Brooklyn will put the best features that this city has to offer on display.

1. Picnic at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

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The Brooklyn Heights promenade is one of the most stunning views in this historical area, making it one of the biggest contenders for diverse date spots in Brooklyn. The countless amount of benches littered throughout the promenade make it easy and convenient to enjoy a nice lunch or fulfilling dinner. Your date is guaranteed to be filled with awe-inducing moments as you will be blown away by the gorgeous open waterfront. Is there any other free event that could amount to this beautiful sight?

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