7 Superb Lakes with Creepy Pasts ...

This planet definitely has no shortage of stunningly beautiful places that, if they could speak, would probably make you run away screaming; today, however, I'll just focus on a few absolutely superb lakes with creepy pasts – and let you decide if want to visit them. Their majestic beauty often hiding strange, bizarre, or downright sinister and petrifying past events, the following lakes with creepy pasts tell stories that will make your hair stand on end.

1. Lake Nyos – Cameroon

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Among lakes with creepy pasts, Lake Nyos is probably one of the strangest, as well as most dangerous. The lake sits on top of a pocket of magma that creates explosions of carbonic acid and carbon dioxide. A major explosion in 1986 killed more than 1700 people and 3000 livestock.

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