7 Superb Beaches of South Africa That Dreams Are Made of ...

South Africa is a bountiful and beauteous country, so it’s no surprise that the beaches of South Africa are a superb collection. From gracing tiny towns on the Garden Route, to providing escapes from the huge metropolitan centers like Cape Town and Durban, the beaches of South Africa are gentle places where the waves roll in gently perfect for a day’s bathing or wild Atlantic surf washed havens where seals and penguins find a happy home. Here’s some of my favorite South African beaches.

1. Boulders Beach, Simonstown

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Famous as one of the premier beaches in South Africa, Boulders Beach is a truly unique delight. Home to a thriving African Penguin colony who are quite happy to mingle with beach goers and frolic in the water beside you, there are lots of lovely rock pools and granite boulders to explore. The beach is heavily regulated by the Parks Board to keep numbers down and to preserve the pristine beach and keep the penguin colony safe.

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