7 Super Sailing Regattas around the World ...

As much as I love the ocean, sailing is one thing I’ve never tried, but that doesn’t prevent me enjoying some of the world’s great sailing regattas. I also have to confess that I don’t understand the racing – if you’ve ever watched the Olympics sailing events, you’ll know it’s so much more than racing from point A to point B. Yet, the spectacle of all the boats speeding on the water, to me, is stunning. If you fancy something different for 2014 and something you may have never done before, how about attending one of the world’s greatest sailing regattas?

1. Volvo Ocean Race

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This event has been called the Formula One of Sailing, and is one of the ultimate experiences as it is tough and requires endurance. The race draws teams from all over, including some of America’s best sailors. If you just enjoy watching sailing regattas then there are plenty of perfect viewing spots at this spectacle. The boats are able to reach quite a speed when in the wild sea conditions and make for excellent photographs. Crowds gather in the ports when the fleet makes a stopover and there are many other activities going on to keep the spectators busy and entertained. The 2014 Volvo Ocean Race starts in Alicante in Spain on October 14th and ends in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 27th, 2015. You can check the ports its visiting here volvooceanrace.com

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