7 Summer Vacation Getaways ...

YAY! It's finally time to pack up and get out for summer! Guest contributor, Kay gives us the lowdown on the best summer vacation getaways! Thanks Kay. If you'd like to contribute to our website, please use this form

School's Out For SUMMER! And even if you're already a member of the workforce, summer is the perfect time to take a break and enjoy some breezy weather. Whether you're interested in a vacation full of relaxation or one jammed packed with fun, each of these cities/states is sure to fit your needs (for the most part) at an affordable price. So, grab a suitcase, your favorite pair of sunglasses and your credit card and check out the list below!

1. California

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You can never go wrong visiting THE sunny paradise that is sweet California. From Los Angeles to San Fran, California offers a variety of attractions that are sure to satisfy your summer vacation craving. Enjoy a day of dining and shopping in Beverly Hills, take a tour of celebrity homes in Malibu, shed some pounds working up on sweat up Runyon Canyon, and enjoy the night life in West Hollywood to cap off your awesome. California also has some of the best beaches around as well as Disney Land, if you're looking to feed your inner child.

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