Summer in the City? Find Some Me Time in a Beautiful Urban Park ...

A green oasis in the concrete jungle of a major city is always a plus. Whether you’re a visitor/traveler looking for some respite from pounding pavements between sights and a relentless round of museums or needing a break from the office drudgery, an urban park is the place to find some tranquility and some me time. Here are some of the best parks in the world’s big cities.

1. Balboa Park, San Diego, USA

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California seems particularly blessed with fabulous urban parks - at San Diego's Balboa Park you'll find all the flora and fauna you'd expect to see in California, plus the amazing creatures of San Diego Zoo, the collections of 15 museums, the trains of a miniature railroad, not to mention performers at the historic Old Globe Theatre. Become a natural historian for a day at the famous Museum of Man, or take your kids to ride the carousel or play in the children's garden.

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