7 Stunning Honeymoon Islands ...

There are some gorgeous honeymoon islands around the world. Whether you want city archipelagos or tropical Robinson Crusoe deserted islands, there’s just something special about knowing you are surrounded by water, and in some cases miles from the nearest civilisation. With so many fabulous destinations to choose from it was hard to decide on so few to share with you, but here they are – 7 stunning honeymoon islands.

1. Cook Islands – Aitutaki

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Aitutaki, aptly nicknamed β€œHoneymoon Island,” is the ultimate setting for romance, with its pristine white sandy beaches lapped by the perfect turquoise water of the Pacific Ocean. You may enjoy lazing aboard your own private captained sail boat, swimming, snorkeling or snuggling, whilst local culinary delicacies are prepared and served by the skipper. If you’re adventurous, you may also choose to abandon ship and spend an amorous night alone with your new spouse on the island! Aitutaki is just one of the Cook Islands – all of them are beautiful honeymoon islands.

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