9 Stereotypes of Americans Held by Other Countries ...


As much as we like to think other countries look up to us, there are a ton of stereotypes of Americans that other nations hold about us. When you are such a world power, it makes sense that not every country agrees with the way we handle ourselves as a nation. But regardless of the global perception of us, there is no way to define our entire nation in a few characteristics. As many stereotypes of Americans as there are, I would have to disagree that they describe the majority of Americans that I know.

1. We Are Promiscuous

One of the most annoying stereotypes of Americans that other countries hold about us. When I was in Israel, a variety of my new Israeli friends found it so strange that we had never done all these promiscuous acts and had had a limited number of partners. They assumed that all American girls were easy and willing to hook up with anyone. I have found in my travels that foreign men think it is strange when I tell them that women in American are not promiscuous or too outrageous with their sex lives. I am not sure how this stereotype started but it needs to stop soon.

We Are Ignorant
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