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If you're leaving your pet behind when you go on holiday, fear not, as there are some simple steps to choosing a kennel or cattery for your furry friends, which will help put your mind at rest when you're away. Whilst some people choose to take their pooch or pet with them if they can, others enlist someone who comes to their home and feeds their pets when they're away. This is not always possible though and these steps for choosing a kennel or cattery may help if you're planning to go away and want to leave your pet in safe hands and with peace of mind.

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Friends and Family

Firstly, ask your friends and family whether they have any recommendations for a cattery of kennel. It's often better to consider a place which has been recommended by others who have perhaps heard positive things or who have had a positive experience themselves. This is one of the first steps to choosing a kennel or cattery.


Make a Visit

The next step is to give the place a call and arrange an appropriate time to visit. You will want to get an overall feel of the place before you commit to letting your pet stay there and you need to be happy that it's the right place for them.


Getting to Know You

Have a chat with the staff there and find out as much as you can about their experience and about the place. Do they seem caring and attentive? Ask them as much information you can about the cattery or kennel and what they do whilst the animals are there.



Have a look around and pay close attention to the surroundings. Does it seem clean and do the animals there seem happy? Are the team interacting with the animals there or are they left alone? If there is a lot of noise and the animals seem distressed, then it might not be the place you would be comfortable sending your furry friend to stay whilst you're away.



Look closely at the accommodation and take note whether it is clean, dry, bright and airy. Is it too stuffy and dark or is there enough air circulating for the animals? What is the temperature like? Are the animals comfortable with enough space to roam? Do they have room to exercise, run and play outside?


Book It

If you're happy with the place then be sure to book in advance as many places have limited spaces available. Make sure you have all your pet's details to hand such as medical history and vaccinations so that they know what to do should the need arise.



If you can't find the right place for your pet and are actually not convinced that a cattery or kennel is right for them anyway then there are alternatives to consider. Why not try a petsitter? Friends or family may be happy to take on your pooch or pop in and feed your cat twice a day.

Leaving your pet whilst on holiday can be difficult, after all, they're part of the family! What do you do with your pet when you go away? Have you considered a cattery or kennel and what experiences have you had?

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