Spiritual 🙏 Experiences Every 💯 Girl 👩 Should Have in Bali 🇮🇩 ...


Bali, Indonesia is not only the island of Gods and temptation but also the home of thousands of traditions stemming from Hinduism, Shamanism, and distinctive creative practices; that means there are loads of spiritual experiences to have in Bali.

On the island, one can take a dive into many intriguing spiritual activities or discover weird rituals. If watching the moon while praying is your thing, or alternatively, discovering the life-altering power of shamans and psychic readers, then keep reading.

Here is a small guide to finding out some spiritual experiences to have in Bali that will bring about new perspectives to your life. On a spiritual awakening journey, one should try at least three of these.

1. Consult a Tarot Reader from Another World

Psychic readers in Bali look like Martians. When consulting a tarot reader, be sure to stay in a silent, secluded area where nobody can disturb you. Allow the reader to enter your soul by flattening your breath and open your eyes. Think about any guidance you’d like to receive. Psychic readers know exactly what happened to your (past) life, while watching your hands and will tell your good fortune. They know about your inner self and can read inside you in a way nobody does. Carefully listen and remember...This is one of the best spiritual experiences to have in Bali.

Clean Your Aura with a Healer
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