46 Spectacular Hotel Lobbies to Check out That Will Make You Want to Check in ...

Hotel lobbies should be spectacular. They are the first chapter in your travel story after your journey. Hotel lobbies are the first impression and confirm you’ve made a great choice. They are the focal point of the hotel where everything happens - you arrive, you meet, you leave, all through the lobby. It is surely the soul of the hotel. Ready for some stunning hotel lobbies?

1. Armani Hotel, Dubai, UAE

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Via Armani Hotel - Dubai Quartered ...
Armani's hotel occupies 10 floors in the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. The curved lobby atrium has four interlocking steel arches that rise almost 40 feet against a refined backdrop of creams and grays. But this hotel lobby is all for show. Every guest is greeted by a lifestyle manager.

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