7 Special Trips Just for the Girls ...

There are just some occasions that call for special trips for the girls. It might be your graduation trip, a bachelorette party, or just because… as L’Oréal says – you deserve it. I’m not going to pretend these come cheap – but hey, we are talking SPECIAL trips for the girls, not just any quick getaway… go on, you know you want to carry on reading…

1. Wined up Women

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When thinking about special trips for the girls in your life, wine is often involved, and for good reason – feeling relaxed, eating good food, and having a glass of wine all seem to go hand in hand with a good time with your girlfriends. Individual wineries or areas with a concentration of wineries often offer special trips for the girls. For example, the Five Pine Lodge has their Girls Getaway, offering spa treatments, a nightly wine and beer reception, shopping, a pool, and chick flicks. The Santa Barbara Girlfriend Getaway offers shopping, surfing, dancing, spas, coastal cruises, and full day guided tours of the local wineries. The Girls Gone Wine package in the Napa Valley offers winery excursions, great food, and shopping.

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