7 Space Travel Destinations out of This World ...

If Sandra Bullock has got you all fired up about what it’s like out in the Universe, you might not be able to get on a rocket to the moon, but there are some earthbound space travel destinations where you won’t be at the mercy of gravity. Stargazers, comet chasers, astronaut fanciers and wormhole aficionados can all find their space loving mojo at these space travel destinations.

1. Palomar Observatory, USA

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This observatory is built high on the Palomar Mountain in San Diego, at a height of 1800m above sea level – its height prevents light pollution. In terms of size, this is as big as Rome's Pantheon. Its design is of the classic architecture of the 1930s. The observatory is home to the 5.1m Hale Telescope, which was the largest telescope of its time. Operated by humans in its heyday, today the telescope as well as the observatory is mainly operated with the help of computers. This is one of the easily accessible space travel destinations – it is open daily.

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