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72 Snowy Scenes THat Won't Make Your Toes Curl up with Cold ...

By Neecey

If you enjoyed my post of pictures of places in the snow, I think you're going to love these pictures of snowy scenes too. These photographs of snow are all beautiful. Some are gorgeous and famous natural attractions and others just simple countryside given a winter blessing.

1 Winter Tree

Winter TreeVia Infrared Tree Photography

Some of the very best photographs of snowy scenes are of individual trees.

2 Red Cardinal in Winter

Red Cardinal in WinterVia Winter Landscape, Birch Trees, Bird, ...

We don't have these birds in the UK - we have the humble robin redbreast but it's nowhere near as red as this standout color.

3 O Canada!

O Canada!Via Spectacular landscapes of Canada by ...

Wayne Simpson shot this spectacular scene.

4 Full Moon

Full MoonVia 053/366 falling snow!

Just what is it about snow in the dark?

5 Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane RidgeVia Hurricane Ridge Sunrise

Sunrise in Olympic National Park, Washington State.

6 Winter and Fall Meet

Winter and Fall MeetVia Winter and Fall Meet Each ...

A gorgeous snowy scene in Minnesota.

7 Winter Road

Winter RoadVia Winter Road 3

This reminds me of the back roads where I grew up.

8 Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota

Minnehaha Falls, MinnesotaVia Best Scenic Views : Minnehaha ...

Just love how the water has frozen into a curtain of ice.

9 Freedom Park, Charlotte, NC

Freedom Park, Charlotte, NCVia Stunning Beauty, Landscape and Vehicle ...

"I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree."
Joyce Kilmer

10 Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, CaliforniaVia Valley View

I wasn't sure Yosemite could look even more beautiful.

11 Snow Train

Snow TrainVia

The steam locomotive is wending its way through Germany's Black Forest.

12 Sunshine and Icicles

Sunshine and IciclesVia Sparkle

Here to add to the "just 'cos it's pretty" factor

13 Snow Moon

Snow MoonVia I see the moon...

I never knew that referred to a specific moon phase.

14 Multonomah Falls, Bridal Veil, Oregon

Multonomah Falls, Bridal Veil, OregonVia Multonomah Falls Ice and Snow

Some pictures of snow don't need a description. Just look on in awe.

15 Winter Wonderland

Winter WonderlandVia Lunar walk

You have to climb through the wardrobe to get to Narnia.

16 Breakthrough

BreakthroughVia The 30 Most Beautiful Nature ...

Love shine a light.

17 Snowflakes

SnowflakesVia Frosty by Jennifer Potter

Snowflakes form when ice crystals form around microscopic particles of dust in the air.

18 Feathery Trees

Feathery TreesVia

I love how snow can instantly transform the look of a tree.

19 A Snowflake on a Yew Leaf

A Snowflake on a Yew LeafVia Photo Gallery Redirect - The ...

Oh so pretty.

20 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, SwedenVia

Stunning blue snow road.

21 Snow Crystals

Snow CrystalsVia DSC_5235 / Flickr - Photo ...

“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.”
Paul Coehlo

22 Wood Pile!

Wood Pile!Via Icy Wood Pile ~ January ...

You'd have to chip away at the old block to get logs for your fire.

23 Mt. Rainier, Washington State

Mt. Rainier, Washington StateVia Timeline Photos - Best Photography ...

What incredible colors.

24 Wizard's Lamp

Wizard's LampVia 21 DIY Ways To Make ...

I just can't look at this without seeing Harry Potter.

25 Alaska

AlaskaVia EyeKandy Handmade Jewelry

I'm sure there must be more stunningly breathtaking pictures of snowy scenes in Alaska than anywhere else.

26 Forest Road

Forest RoadVia Travel The World’s Most Beautiful ...

I just love the palette of this scene.

27 Silent Snow

Silent SnowVia TheFullerView

As pretty as a picture.

28 Weeping Willow

Weeping WillowVia

Pretty in summer. Stunning in winter.

29 Rossiya, Russia

Rossiya, RussiaVia

Another cold day dawns.

30 Stop!

Stop!Via Snow! - Durango, Colorado

I just had to include this for novelty value. This pic was taken in Durango, Colorado.

31 Winter Berries

Winter BerriesVia All sizes | Ice Storm.December.2007 ...

Trapped after an ice storm.

32 Persimmon and Snow in Japan

Persimmon and Snow in JapanVia Persimmon and Snow scene

Snowy scenes in Japan are always romantic, even when the fruit looks like droplets of blood.

33 Lone Snowflake

Lone SnowflakeVia Winter Delights by Plow & ...

People are like snowflakes. All totally unique.

34 Finland

FinlandVia Obertilliach

A typical snowy scene in the land of the Finns.

35 Kerosene Creek, New Zealand

Kerosene Creek, New ZealandVia Photography

Such an 'unpretty' name for a gorgeous place. New Zealand is my favorite country for natural wonders.

36 Mont Blanc

Mont BlancVia 11 Majestic Places That You're ...

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the European Union and The Alps.

37 Quebec, Canada

Quebec, CanadaVia

Can you imagine this in person?

38 White out

White outVia Maybe someday...

Can you imagine walking here?

39 Winter Sunset

Winter SunsetVia Astonishing Sunrise and Sunset Photos ...

"There is pleasure in the pathless woods."
George Gordon Byron.

40 Fresh Snow

Fresh SnowVia trees & snow, lincoln pass

The future lies before you like a path of driven snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.

41 Grey Skies

Grey SkiesVia le vieillard

Looks like another snowfall is on the way.

42 Merced River, Yosemite National Park

Merced River, Yosemite National ParkVia Winter on the Merced

The mountain peaks have been dipped in gold.

43 Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, OntarioVia Ottawa Ontario Canada March 2011 ...

Ethereal light.

44 Beautiful Winter Scene

Beautiful Winter SceneVia Login on Twitter

White on white.

45 Siberia, Russia

Siberia, RussiaVia Russia, Siberia, Sheregesh

Breathtaking but foreboding.

46 Winter Pond

Winter PondVia

Is this the definition of Zen?

47 St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, St. Joseph, MichiganVia All sizes | "Frozen Light" ...

Oh my.

48 Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Lake Geneva, SwitzerlandVia Deadly Tree

And oh my again. Even more so.

49 Humber Bay Park, Lake Ontario, Canada

Humber Bay Park, Lake Ontario, CanadaVia Once upon a time I ...

Some of the branches look like reindeer antlers.

50 Frozen

FrozenVia winter

Too cold to row today.

51 Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Snoqualmie Pass, WashingtonVia To the Clouds

Magic = snow in the moonlight.

52 La Plagne, French Alps

La Plagne, French AlpsVia tree top

I want to make the first footprint in the virgin snow.

53 Path to Nowhere

Path to NowhereVia A snowy day.

“Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

54 Max Patch Mountain, North Carolina

Max Patch Mountain, North CarolinaVia APPALACHIAN WINTER -- Max Patch ...

The pre dawn light creates winter layers.

55 Snow Cathedral, Norway

Snow Cathedral, NorwayVia

A place to worship the beauty of nature.

56 Hidden Trees

Hidden TreesVia winter greetings

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?”
J. B. Priestley

57 A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of BeautyVia absinthius

“Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.”
Earl Wilson

58 Starry Snowy Night

Starry Snowy NightVia Wnderlst, Austria

Austria - the sky is alight and the mountain is on fire.

59 Delicate Winter

Delicate WinterVia

I feel pretty, so pretty ...

60 And Not so Delicate

And Not so DelicateVia LANDSCAPES

As sharp as a sword.

61 Lapland

LaplandVia Lappland 3

Could this be where Santa Claus keeps his reindeer?

62 Falun, Sweden

Falun, SwedenVia Snowhut ~ Falun Sweden 2010

Distant sun

63 Nature's Embroidery

Nature's EmbroideryVia

Whether you like spiders or not, their webs are masterpieces of intricacy.

64 Tibet


The majesty of the Himalayas.

65 Winter Lake

Winter LakeVia

“Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.”
Bill Watterson

66 Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia, ArgentinaVia

Ice rocks

67 Now That’s Frozen...

Now That’s Frozen...Via ** SnOw**


68 Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Rocky Mountains, ColoradoVia Towards The Light -- Rocky ...

Dawn during a winter storm.

69 Sagauro National Park, Arizona

Sagauro National Park, ArizonaVia Winter's Snow - Saguaro National ...

A rare desert snow storm.

70 Calgary, Canada

Calgary, CanadaVia Snow in June

Worthy of a Japanese garden.

71 Stillness


Does it seem to you as if the tree is frozen in time?

72 Winter in the Country

Winter in the CountryVia Goody Palmer
There's something special about the weak sunlight in winter. Weak it may be but it still works its magic.

And here endeth the snowy scenes collection. Have you got the shivers now?

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