10 Sneaky Hotel Charges You Should Be Aware of ...


Sneaky hotel charges are a relatively new but increasingly common phenomenon that has come about as a result of the hotels desire for their basic tariff to be as low as possible for advertising purposes. The owners of these establishments prefer to use sneaky hotel charges to hide the real cost of their services and similar to the low cost airlines are introducing fees which remain hidden in small print. People who usually stay in high end or luxury hotels tend to think they are protected from sneaky hotel charges but the reality is that these establishments offer more guest services and therefore have more opportunities to introduce hidden fees. Here are 10 Sneaky Hotel Charges You Should be Aware Of:

1. Valet Charges

Beware of hotels that don’t have their own car parking facilities, a common sneaky hotel charge is for the hotel to offer to park your car when you arrive and its only when you settle your bill that you realise you have been billed for the service.

‘Complimentary’ Treats
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