8 Smart Ways to Get Air Miles without Flying ...


Air miles are great if you are frequent flyer. The rewards can add up quite significantly, especially if you have a credit card with an air miles rewards program. Things are even rosier if you know how to get air miles without needing to board a plane. If you want to build up air miles to save them for a special trip there are some creative and practical ways to increase air miles balance. Here are 8 Smart Ways to Get Air Miles Without Flying:

1. Shopping

Did your eyes just light up? What better way to build up Air Miles than by shopping. There are over 400 online stores that participate in the various airlines’ shopping for Air Miles programs. Retailers include Sears, JCPenney, Walmart, Nike, Ann Taylor, Drugstore.com and Sunglass Hut. There’s no need to have an airline credit card – any will do as long as you are signed up to the Air Miles reward scheme. Check out your local mall too as some stores will offer Air Miles rewards for shopping in person and over the phone.

Car Rental
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