9 Small Islands of Italy for Perfect Escapes ...

We hear and read so much about the great cities of Rome, Naples, Florence and Milan and regions like Tuscany and the Lake Country, but not so much about the small islands of Italy. They might be under-appreciated but discerning tourists and lovers of everything Italian know and understand the allure of the small islands of Italy. Like these beauties, for instance:

1. Procida

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Colorful Procida is just a ferry ride away from the city across the Bay of Naples. With a large majority of tourists heading to near neighbor and much larger Capri, Procida is a peaceful place where you can enjoy a good time without the crowds. Procida basically has one colorful fishing village with fresh seafood and colorful houses with an authentic Mediterranean flavor, and it’s definitely one of the small islands of Italy worth a day trip if you’re in the Naples area.

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