Stop by These Wonderful Mountain Towns in the Western United States ...

There are many US mountain towns to visit, and some of the most beautiful are in the West. Some of these towns have become famous resorts, while others have remained small and relatively unknown. Regardless of how well-known they are, all of the US mountain towns in the West are unique and interesting. If you love the mountains and love a small town feeling, you will certainly want to try to travel to one of these mountain towns.

1. Estes Park, Colorado

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Estes Park, Colorado, is one of the US mountain towns to visit in the West. It is considered the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, and it is also home to the world famous Stanley Hotel, which you may have seen if you watched the movie β€œThe Shining.” I have been fortunate enough to visit Estes Park many times, and I always have an enjoyable time. It is a small town with great little shops.

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