8 Sizzling Spanish Summer Destinations ...

Europeans – especially the Brits, have been showing their appreciation for places for a summer vacation in Spain for a good few decades now. Summer is here and you’re probably daydreaming of some idyllic, sunny place near the sea – so why not somewhere in Spain? Everybody knows of exciting Madrid and enchanting Barcelona, but have you heard of other beautiful places for summer vacation in Spain? Stunning islands, beach resorts and plenty of sunshine – you might find out that summer destinations in Spain closely resemble those from your dreams. If you decide to turn your daydream to reality, here is the list of 8 sizzling Spanish summer destinations that are worth a visit.

1. Canary Islands

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Not all places for a summer holiday in Spain are on the mainland. If we had to choose one word to describe the Canary Islands, it would be “paradise”, and you definitely want to end up there! It’s not the tropical paradise of the Caribbean or South Sea Islands. This is paradise for everything you want on vacation – weather, scenery, beaches, history, culture, fab food and masses of things to see and do. You will find many reasons for visit - natural attractions, including Teide National Park, the magnificent volcanic scenery of Lanzarote, the incredible dunes of Maspalomas on Gran Canaria and the exquisite beaches of Tenerife Island are only some of amazing features of this archipelago.

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