9 Simply Fabulous Hot Air Balloon Rides ...

Hot air balloon rides offer the most amazing views over some of the worldโ€™s greatest places. Thereโ€™s something simply special about balloon trips - gliding over a stunning landscape with only the sound of soft winds and birds on the wing. The best balloon rides are special experiences, usually taken during holidays of a lifetime. Here are 9 Simply Fabulous Hot Air Balloon Rides:

1. Luxor, Egypt

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Luxor is one of the great travel destinations of the world. Straddling the Nile, the East and West banks are packed with stunning and massive temples that still hold wonder for us, particularly because their magnificence has been standing as a test to manโ€™s ingenuity for thousands of years. Balloon trips over Luxor offer the opportunity to view the site of the ancient city of Thebes from the air, and to realize just how massive a site it really is.

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