7 Telltale Signs ⚠️You Just Haven't Got Travel ✈️🛃 down to a Fine Art Yet😒 ...

The signs you aren’t a good traveler will either bother you or not. Bothered because you love to travel, are a novice or just aren’t very good at organizing your trips yet. Not bothered because you don’t care, you have fun anyway or because you don’t really enjoy traveling. On the assumption you love to travel and just need to get better at it, these signs you aren’t a good traveler will help you work out what changes you can make to ensure your adventures are even more fabulous.

1. You’re THAT Guy (or Girl)

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The one that has forgotten to bathe, or who wears too much cologne or perfume. The one who talks excessively and can’t read people’s signals that they’re just not interested anymore, or who has an annoying cough but no cough lozenges. You’re the one no one wants to sit next to and you don’t even know it. These are signs that you are not a good traveler. Solution? Be respectful of other people by thinking of how your behavior affects others.

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