7 Seriously Surreal Places to Visit ...

While never boring, “regular” beautiful scenery of alpine mountains, meandering rivers and tropical beaches can become a bit same-y for the seasoned traveler, so it’s great to know there are some seriously surreal places to visit around the world. If you want to see landscapes that are so surreal they look more like a scene from a sci-fi movie you won’t be disappointed. Let’s go on a short trip to another dimension with some truly surreal places.

1. Ice Cave in Skaftafell, Iceland

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Iceland is full of surreal landscapes and Ice Cave in Skaftafell is amongst its greatest. Resulting from glacial mill, this cave glacier is formed by streams of rain and melt water which flow into the crevices, throwing indirect sunlight into the tunnel and across the ice bubbles. The streams also create holes in the glacier, which form long hallways of ice caves with beautifully crafted walls and ceilings. Iceland’s chilly wind freezes the job in place, and thus, onlookers can observe a transitory attraction, which might collapse at any moment due to glacier movement. Those brave enough to enter can hear a cracking noise echo throughout the cave.

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