7 Sensational Sights in Sweden ...

The sights in Sweden are many and wonderful. Sweden is situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula and bordered by Norway to the west and Finland to the northeast. There are many things to do and sights in Sweden to see, depending on one’s preferences. Nature lovers and romantic couples will experience Sweden as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, while history fans will be delighted with the “Land of the Vikings”. Swedish sights present natural beauties, rich history and the cultural identity of the country. If you are still hesitating, the following list of 7 sensational sights in Sweden might push you to finally book your flight:

1. Kalmar Castle

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Initially constructed in the 12th century as a defensive round tower, Kalmar Castle played a significant role in the history of the Kingdom. Pirates and other enemies coming from the Baltic Sea were unable to win the “Key to the Kingdom”, as the castle was nicknamed due to its strategic position. The current structural appearance dates back to the 16th century, giving the building characteristics of a Renaissance palace. Step into the castle’s secret passages and dungeon, cross over the drawbridge, enjoy a 16th century dinner and you will suddenly find yourself in the times of Vikings.

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